A Party Wall is the part of a building or property that is shared between two or more Adjoining Owners and demarcates the Boundary between their property.

If you’re planning to start any project like construction, restoration, or demolition in a building having a Party Wall, you’d need to abide by certain rules. These laws are duly stated in the Party Wall Act of 1996. Because of the complexity of the Party Wall Act regulation, an inexpert runs the risk of – knowingly or unknowingly, not abiding by these rules.

And being faced with an unwanted injunction. To prevent this, you need professional help of Party Wall Surveyors, who are well versed in all matters related to the Party Wall Agreement dispute, Party Wall Act compensation and Notices.

How Much Would a Typical Party Wall Surveyor Cost?

Though the fee charged by Party Wall Surveyors varies with their expertise and work nature, most of them charge an hourly rate for their services. This rate usually tends to vary between the range of £150 and £200 per hour.

The cost for initial notice is usually fixed, ranging from £50 to £85. If you also have to find the legal names of the Adjoining Owners, the Surveyor will cost from to £3 per Land Registry search.

The cost of the schedule for the condition is usually £350. However, if you have more than one property for inspection, the fees may vary. Commercial properties vary depending on the size.

If the Party Wall Award is required for minor projects, such as chimney breast removal or garage conversion, the Surveyor will charge a fixed rate- ranging from £400 to £500 per award.

Can the Adjoining Owner’s Surveyor Provide Me with an Estimate?

If you are the owner of the building carrying out works for your sole benefit, you are responsible for the Adjoining Owner’s Surveyor “reasonable” costs incurred. 

The Surveyor fees charged often differ from the works and the complexity, but you will be charged somewhere within the range of £150 to £200 per hour.

It is very rare for the Adjoining Party’s Wall Surveyor to provide the building owner with a fixed cost. As the hourly rates are the norm with the Building Owner’s Surveyor typically opting for a fixed fee.

You will often find your surveyor (Building Owner’s Surveyor) charging less for more work as compared to your Adjoining Owner’s Party’s Surveyor.

What Can I Do if the Adjoining Owner’s Surveyor Fees is Not Reasonable?

Your Party Wall Surveyor will generally check their logged hours and determine/agree if the fees charged is reasonable. Through Party Wall Act Dispute if the two Surveyor cannot agree any matters it can be referred to the selected third Surveyor to determine and resolve the dispute You should take advice from your Surveyor and consider carefully.

If there arises a Party Wall Agreement Dispute, then make sure to choose your Surveyor carefully. A surveyor may sound economical at the start but end up costing more in the long run, as the hours expended by the adjoining owner’s surveyor may increase. So, appoint a Surveyor after carrying out due diligence.

Are you still not sure about Party Wall Surveyor costs & fees? Do you need help or advice about Party Wall Act compensation and dispute? Find out more about the Party Wall Act and get some free advice from the Surveyors at Seven One Associates.

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