Party Wall Agreement

Our Surveyors are specialist Party Wall Surveyors with over two decades of experience in drafting Party Wall agreements.

The step of the Party Wall process is to serve the correct and appropriate notices for the “notifiable works” as prescribed under the Party Wall etc. Act. It is a legal requirement that a Building Owner must serve formal and correct Party Wall notices to any and all affected owners.

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The neighbours (Adjoining Owner’s) have four options once they receive formal Party Wall notices:

  1. Consent without any further action and no schedule of conditions is carried out.
  2. Consent on the basis of a schedule of conditions being prepared for their property.
  3. Dissent and concur with the appointment of the Building Owner’s Surveyor as the ‘Agreed Surveyor’. This means only one Surveyor will be appointed and he/she will serve the Party Wall Award (agreement).
  4. Dissent and appoint their own Surveyor, the two Surveyors then conclude and agree a Party Wall Award. Both ‘dissent’ options generally allow for a schedule of conditions survey of the neighbouring structure where appropriate.

Should an adjoining owner ignore or refuse to appoint a Surveyor, it is deemed as dissent and after a period of time, a Surveyor can be appointed on their behalf.

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