Are your neighbours proposing/constructing a rear and/or side extension within a three to six meter radius of your property? Do you require advise and further information? Our Surveyors offer a 30 minute consultation and advise on proposed works that may affect your property. Feel free to contact our team.

Party Wall etc. Act

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 states Building Owner’s wishing to carry out works as specified as a ‘notifiable’ works under the Act must serve formal and appropriate Party Wall Notices.

If your neighbours have started work without serving Party Wall Notices then contact us immediately.

Could the neighbour’s extension affect my property?

A proposal to carry out a rear extension or side extension may mean the flank wall (side wall) is built right up to the Boundary Line (Line of Junction) between the two properties or alternatively, it may be set back slightly away from the Boundary Line. Either way, the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 states that if there is any excavation which is likely to exceed the depth of the neighbour’s foundations and within a three meter radius then the said works are notifiable under the Act. For most older built homes, this is applicable.

The action of excavating and digging will invariable have an impact on the neighbour property as the virbrations and reverbarations can cause stress fractures and cracks on their wall. Moreover, access for workmen may be required to build the flank wall and as such item within the garden and Boundary are likely to be damaged.

How can a Party Wall Award assist?

A Party Wall Award drafted by a Surveyor which generally includes a schedule of conditions, the schedule of conditions records the current condition of the adjoining property which can be used as a post works check for any damage that may have occurred as a result of the subsequent building works.

The Party Wall Award will place conditions upon the works and the manner in which the works will be undertaken in order reduce potential damage to the adjoining property. This includes protective measures that the builders must adhere to.

The Party Wall Award is a legal document which can be used to enforce payment for damages caused by neighbouring works.

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