Conducting Thorough Fire Risk Assessments at Properties in London

Fires often destroy more than just properties; they destroy lives and livelihoods. By conducting thorough fire risk assessments and surveys, the team at Seven One Associates in London prevent loss of life and property caused by fire. Carried out at domestic and commercial properties, the assessments make sure that your premises are compliant with the law by reviewing the standards of fire safety within the building.

Understanding the Law

There are many laws which govern the necessity of fire risk assessments, covering when and where they need to take place. Within multi-tenanted buildings, each tenant is required to carry out a fire risk assessment of their premises. In blocks of flats, the fire risk assessment will need to cover common communal areas, such as stairs and corridors.

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Managing the Necessary Changes

After completing the assessment, our experienced fire risk surveyors will be able to recommend cost-effective ways of implementing changes or upgrades to make sure your building is compliant. Additionally, we can create tender specifications for required works, assist in tendering and procurement on your behalf, and monitor and inspect the works as they proceed.