In the current house market it can be really hard to find the money for a significant deposit, so extending your home is the next best thing. The population is living much longer than ever before, which means that there aren’t many properties to go round as supply has failed to keep up. People are looking for an easy way to extend their home that will increase the space and add value to their property. 

Moving to a bigger house can be a costly endeavour whether especially including legal fees and stamp duty. 

You might be thinking of a side extension, garage extension or a double or single-storey rear extension, there will be a lot to consider when you embark on your home improvement project to expand your footprint. Loft conversions are very popular but you will need the Party Wall Surveyor to have a look at the neighbours loft conversion party wall to avoid any disputes once works commence.

Permitted development is seen as a pre-approved permission to build, this means that you will be able to navigate the planning process with ease. Your planned design and build will need to be in line with governmental guidelines. It is worth getting a Party Surveyor or an architect on board so that you can make sure you are within the rules.

You will need to apply to your local council so that you can receive a certificate. This certificate will prove that you have complied with all the rules and regulations. If your plans fall within the larger home extension scheme, this can save you time and help you with potential complications.

What to consider before you start on the extension?

– You will need to make sure that your neighbours know of your plans. If planning permission required, your neighbours will be contacted by the local planning authorities for their approval/consent. The best way is to tackle it is head on and let your neighbours know before they receive the formal letter from the authorities. 

– The Party Wall is usually a shared wall which applies to terrace and semi-detached houses. The neighbour’s extension party wall will need a Party Wall Agreement. This is commonly needed for loft conversions and extensions that require steel support. If the neighbour is not in agreement then you might need to find a Party Wall Surveyor. 

– Another important thing to think about is whether your extension project actually adds value to your property. It is best to speak to a good local estate agent, they will give you some advice on whether your plan will add any value to your property. They will also be able to assist you on how much of an increase on the price you can receive. 

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