Home extensions have become more and more popular over the years, they create space within your existing property. You can add a conservatory or a garden room to open up your home and create additional space. You can also add another bedroom or extend your living area. 

Home extensions are a cost-effective way of creating more space in your home. Moving home can be stressful, expensive, testing and can dramatically change your lifestyle.

A home extension can be done to meet your family needs; you will be able to tailor the design the way you want. This change to your home will also add value to your property once you are ready to sell. 

The best thing about an extension is that you don’t necessarily need planning permission. It can come under permitted development. It can usually put people off when they have to get involved with planning permission as it is always a timely endeavour. 

Before executing a home extension, it is important to understand the costs. Here are some tips to help you understand the cost of a home extension. 

1. On average in Britain for an extension, the price range from around £1000 – £2000 per square metre. There are many different qualities that can make the price go up or down, for a single-storey extension a basic extension can cost between £1000 to 1700 per square metre.

For a high spec build the extension will cost more around £1900 to £2160 per metre. If you are thinking of a two-storey extension, the costs would be relative, the foundations may need a slightly stronger strength of concrete or additional steel beam may need to be introduced. 

2. The cost will be affected by the materials and the help you will require. If you are going to do the extension mainly on a DIY basis then you could potentially save 30%. You can go down the route of managing the construction yourself with the help of tradespeople hired directly. You might want to hire a main contractor or a small house builder who will provide you with a package to complete the work. 

3. Most extensions won’t require full planning permission but they will require a party wall agreement. A Party Wall Specialist will need to be present; having no Party Wall Agreement can be detrimental to your property. The cost for a Party Wall Surveyor London can range from £120 – £195 per hour, the Party Wall Award and Surveyor/s can cost approximately £1,500 depending on how your neighbours respond.

4. It is important to always get an accurate quote that is fully itemised for your extension and formalise this in a Building Contract which can be drawn up by your Project Manager, Architect or Quantity Surveyor. It may aid your project to obtain the services of a Quantity Surveyor to ensure the builder has priced for all elements of the work required to prevent costly variations arising during the works from the contractor. The QS will also be able to help you value and pay the builder on an interim basis. 

Are you looking to carry out building works? Do you need assistance with cost estimation or Party Wall Surveying? We at Seven One Associates are here to help.

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