What is the Line of Junction? 

The Line of Junction is line that divides the lands of two or more Owners, it’s sometimes described as the imaginary line. Unlike a boundary line, the Line of Junction also extends upwards. So, if you are planning an extension, particularly a side or rear extension up to the line of junction, you will need to consider issuing a Line of Junction notice to your neighbour.

What is a Line of Junction Notice?

A notice is required where either owner is about to build on any part of the Line of Junction. The Line of  Junction will be determined between the owners or their appointed surveyors. It is not deemed to be a boundary line, as the Party Wall Act is not legislation that can determine a boundary dispute. But in essence, the line of junction and boundary are generally the same.

If a building owner wants to build a Party Wall or a Party Fence Wall on or up to the Line of Junction, they should issue a Notice to the Adjoining Owner at least one month before they intend to start building works and the notice should indicate their desire to build and the works intended.

What must the building owner include in the notice?

  • It must be addressed to the Adjoining Owner/s as listed in the land registry or Companies House records in the case of a UK listed company
  • It must state the name and address of the Adjoining Owner/s as listed in the land registry or Companies House records in the case of a UK listed company
  • It must state the intent to build a new wall as a party wall astride the boundary or confirm intent to build the new wall just up to the line of junction
  • It must describe the new wall that the building owner intends to build – for example height, length, materials etc. The Building Owner might also wish to add further information for the neighbour’s benefit – for example ‘forming part of a single storey extension’ or include drawings
  • The date of commencement of the planned works
  • Signed and dated.

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The Line of Junction Notice can be confusing. If you are not sure whether you need a Line of Junction Notice or need any initial advice, please give us a call.

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